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Do you know what are the consumables for air compressors?
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Do you know what are the consumables for air compressors?

Themainconsumablesofthescrewaircompressorareairfilter,oilfilter,oilseparatorandlubricatingoil.So,doyouknowwhattheroleoftheseconsumablesis?Howoftenneedtoreplace?Let'sustakealook! 1.Airfilter,isequivale

The main consumables of the screw air compressor are air filter, oil filter, oil separator and lubricating oil. So, do you know what the role of these consumables is? How often need to replace? Let's us take a look!


1. Air filter, is equivalent to the first filter line of defense. It can filter out dust, tiny particles and other impurities in the air. Usually, the dust on the surface should be removed every 1000 hours. Normally, 3000-4000 hours, replace it once.

2. Oil filter, its function is to remove impurities in the lubricating oil, such as metal particles, oil deterioration, etc.  Normally, 3000-4000 hours, replace it once.

3. Oil separator, the oil separator is made of multiple layers of fine glass fiber, and all the misty oil in the compressed air is almost completely filtered after passing through the oil separator. Normally 4000 hours, replace it once.

4. Lubricating oil, equivalent to the blood of the air compressor, has the function of lubrication, cooling and sealing. The time for replacing the oil is 3000~4000 hours, depending on the environment and the use condition.


What if I forget to replace it? Don't worry, the KingBull  brand air compressor adopts PLC control. When the replacement time is reached, it will automatically remind. Under the control of the controller, the unit runs completely autonomously and can realize unattended operation for 24 hours.