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Air Compressor

The following are typical minimum maintenance requirements.

Periodically/Daily (8 Hours Maximum)

Monitor all gauges and indicators for normal operation.

Check lubricant level and top off as necessary.

Check for lubricant leaks.

Check for unusual noise or vibration.

Drain water from air/lubricant reservoir.

Drain control line filter.


Check safety valve operation.


Service air filter as needed (daily or weekly if extremely dusty conditions exist).

Wipe down entire unit to maintain appearance.

Check drive motor amps at compressor full capacity and design pressure.

Check operation of all controls.

Check operation of lubricant scavenger/return system. Clean, as necessary.


Go over unit and check all bolts for tightness.

Change air/lubricant separator.

Change air filter.

Lubricate motors per manufacturer’s instructions.

Check safety shutdown system. Contact authorized service person.