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Product Description
Product Parameters
Product Advantages
Application Range

Air Cooler

Oil Filter


The machine adopts efficient oil filter imported with original packaging, and the efficiency is 20% higher than the common filter. It can effectively remove the  impurities and degraded

substances of oil in the lubricating oil to protect moving parts.


Air Filter


Efficient filter material imported with original packaging is applied to ensure effective dust prevention of the engine of compressor. The air filter adopts special paper and reasonable

geometric folding design, which can achieve better filtration against the dust in the air and long working life.


Good quality air cooler with low noise is used, and the design conforms to the air motion principle which can realize better heat dissipation.



Air Inlet Valve

Air End(German technology)

The new type of air inlet valve of no-vulnerable-part design of a famous brand is used, which can automatically adjust the air flow based on the air consumption of the system to

guarantee stable operation of the device, reduce the operation costs and sae energy; automatic protection function is used against shutoff upon automatic loading and unloading.

The machine is equipped with efficient and low-energy motor with SKF bearing, F insulation and the level of protection of IP54. The motor applies grease lubrication,  has high efficiency.

It can be customized based on the specific demands of clients.


The Air End is Germany technology and has excellent performance. The rotor adopts the new-generation optimized molded lines which can achieve the maximum utilization coefficient of

area, shorter line of contact, smaller area of leakage, lower specific power and higher efficiency. Highly reliable design is applied on the major and minor diameter ratio of rotor, which

enhances the rigidity of rotor, and increase the through-flow area of the air inlet and outlet to achieve low revolving speed, small noise, long life and high reliability.

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Model JNY-100A
Cooling method
Pressure (Mpa) 
Air delivery (m³/min)
Power    (KW)
Speed    (rpm)
Stard method
Voltage    (V/Hz)
Protection grade
Insulation grade
Driven type
Noise    (dBA)
Gas oil content    (ppm)
Outlet temperature    (℃)
≤Ambient temperature +15
Control type of exhaust volume
Intake accommodation control
Setting pressure of safety valve    (Mpa)
Air compressor exhaust pressure +0.1
Lubricating oil quantity    (L)
Lubricating oil brand
Size L           (mm) 2320
W          (mm) 1330
H           (mm) 1680
Weight   (KG) 2140

Textile and knitwear industry:


Manufacturers of chemical fiber and dacron; braid and

stockings enterprises; enterprises of printing and dyeing,

bleach and dye and scouring and dyeing.


Instruments and apparatus manufacture:

manufacturers of machining center, machine tools and

printing machinery; manufacturers of auxiliary equipment

control; control valve manufacturers; instrument



Common components manufacture:

Manufacturers of bearing, valve, chain, and spring, as

well as standard component, fastener and sealing

elements; various manufacturer of accessories for

automobile and motorcycle, etc.


Hardware and building materials industry:

Hardware manufacturers; foam and color plate

manufacturers; ceramics manufacturers; manufacturers

of cement, cement products, and tubular piles;

manufacturers of decoration and finishing materials.


Electronic engineering and precision 
machinery manufacture:

Wood, carpentry, plywood, and various wood floor

manufacturers; furniture and family property

manufacturers; sofa and mattress manufacturer, and

so forth.


Wood and furniture industry:

Wood, carpentry, plywood, and various wood floor

manufacturers; furniture and family property

manufacturers; sofa and mattress manufacturer, and

so forth.


Daily supplies manufacture:

Manufacturers of enamel products; horologe and glass

manufacturers; bicycle manufacturers; sewing machine

manufacturers; glass products manufacturers; chain,

fastener and bags and suitcases manufacturers; leather

and down and feather filled products manufacturers;

carpet manufacturers.


Papermaking and print and 
package industry:

Paper mill and printery; packaging and packing materials

manufacturers; manufacturers of metal decorating

tinmaking and daily vessel manufacturers.


Metallurgy and casting, and metal 
processing industry:

Metallurgy and mining enterprises; casting and forging

enterprises; metal processing and sheet metal forming

enterprises; surface treatment enterprises of tools,

moulds and metal.


Medical industry:

Various medical apparatus and instruments

manufacturers; sanitation supplies manufacturers.

General machining: oxygenerator and vehicle motorshipengine manufacture; boiler and pressure vessel manufacture; electric and electrical machinery manufacture; metallurgy and mining machinery manufacture; chemical machinery, environmental protection machine, engineering machinery, construction machinery, textile machinery, light industrial machinery, dyeing and

finishing machinery, knitting machine, plastics machinery, food machinery, spray machinery, large pitch mixer, numerically-controlled machine tool, etc.


Application of air compressor:


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